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Christian vs. Randy Orton
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Match Results: Christian vs. Randy Orton

Christian faced Randy Orton tonight in the main event on Smackdown. Christian made his way to the ring first with a nice pop from the crowd and the Orton made his way to the ring. Christian and Orton circled each other before locking up in the center of the ring. They broke apart and locked up once again. Orton put Christian in a side headlock and they moved to the ropes. Christian pushed Orton off to the other side and was hit with a shoulder block taking him to the mat. Orton went to the ropes again and Christian rolled as he ran over the top of him. Christian leapt over him on the return pass and caught Orton with a shoulder taking him down to the mat.

Orton slid away to the corner as Christian clapped his hands together to rally the peeps. They circled each other again and Christian went for the lock up only to take a blow to the mid section instead. Orton hammered Christian across the shoulder before hitting him with a head butt. He gave Christian another blow across the back before grabbing his wrist and pulling him up so he could kick him. Orton then moved behind Christian grabbing him under the chin and raining blows into his repeatedly before letting him go. Christian crawled away and went to the ropes as Orton strutted around the ring.

He walked over to Christian who was kneeling on the mat and Christian grabbed him shoving him through the ropes. Christian followed up with a baseball slid through the ropes, Christian went for a slingshot over the ropes but Orton moved out of the way causing him to crash to the mat. Orton stood over him before grabbing Christian by the hair and rolling him back into the ring. Orton slid in after him as Christian got to his feet and went to the far corner. Orton rushed into the corner at Christian who caught him with an elbow to the face.

Christian moved towards the center of the ropes and when Orton came at him again he bent down and lifted Orton up dumping him out of the ring. Christian climbed up and got onto the top turnbuckle. He flew off nailing Orton and taking him to the mat. Both men were struggling to get to their feet each crawling to opposite sides of the ring. Orton rolled in as the ref reached the eight count and Christian rolled in right behind him. Christian got to his feet first and as he approached Orton he dropped down and rolled out of the ring. The ref held Christian back as Orton staggered towards the announce table. The crowd was booing him and he made his way over and picked up a microphone.

“You know what Des Moines. I’m from a little town called St. Louis about six hours south it’s snowing outside, it’s snowing outside right now it’s miserable I can’t take my bus home! I can’t take an SUV home! I can’t spend ten grand for a freakin charter because the weather is so bad my flight tomorrow is canceled! So I’m gonna be stuck here in Des Moines of all places. NO! NO! It’s not a good thing! Shut up and sit down! Des Moines sucks! Shut up!” He threw the microphone down and finally got back into the ring with Christian.

Orton ran at Christian who attacked him with right hands driving him back into the corner. He grabbed him and pulled him back out taking him into the ropes. Christian sent him into the ropes and went for a clothesline but Orton grabbed the ropes and rolled out of the ring again! Christian got out of the ring after him and followed him up the ramp. He hit Orton across the back and grabbed him by the head turning him around before slapping him across the face. Christian grabbed him again and took him back to the ring throwing him back inside the ring. Orton crawled to the ropes and Christian stayed on him pulling him up and taking him to the corner again. Christian gave him a shot to the mid section before slapping him in the face again. He repeated the attack before the ref warned him. Christian was looking for his Peeps as the ref backed him off.

Christian went back to the corner, turned Orton to him so he could drive his shoulder into his mid section a few times before Orton got a shot in, and gave Christian a head butt as well. He gave her a few right hands before pulling him out of the corner and giving him an upper cut. Christian went into the corner and gave Orton a kick to the mid section. Christian put Orton into the corner and fired right hand to his mid section again before slapping him hard across the face again. He slapped him again before whipping him into the far corner. Christian rallied the peeps and ran into the corner after him. Orton lifted his feet to counter but Christian saw it and dropped down sliding out of the ring to the floor.

He grabbed his ankle and pulled him down before flipping him onto his back. Christian looked to the crowd as they cheered for him to pull Orton into the ring post but Orton pulled back causing him to go face first into the post instead. Orton got out of the ring and took him time walking over to Christian. He grabbed Christian by the hair and pulled him to his feet. He turned him around and lifted him up slamming him back down onto the ring barrier. He then grabbed Christian again and tossed him back in the ring. Orton slithered back into the ring and went for the cover but Christian kicked out at two.

Orton got to his feet, walked over, and stood on Christian’s right ankle before stomping on it. He grabbed him by the hair and forced him back on the mat before stomping his head. He hammered Christian across the back once more and took him into the corner before giving him an upper cut. He grabbed Christian’s hair but let go before whipping him across the ring into the other corner. Christian staggered back out and Orton threw him into the other corner again. Christian fell to the mat in the corner as Orton looked out at the booing crowd. He struck his pose, which only brought more boos.

Christian was on one knee as the ref checked on him and finally got to his feet. Orton went over to Christian who fought back with a hard slap across the face. Christian charged him but Orton got him with drop kick. Orton went for the cover and Christian kicked out again. The crowd started chanting, “Randy Sucks!” as he got Christian in a headlock on the mat. Christian fought his way back to his feet and Christian picked him up slamming him back first to the mat. Both men were dazed as they lay on the mat. Christian was pounding on the mat trying to rally the peeps once more.

Both men got to their feet and Orton drilled him with a right hand. Christian fired back with a slap across the face. Orton caught him with a kick to the mid section and Christian just slapped him again. He slapped him two more times dropping him to the mat. Christian put him into the corner and climbed up on the ropes. He drilled Orton several times as the crowd counted along and then got down. He grabbed Orton by the wrist and whipped him across the ring but Orton came back with a clothesline. Christian rolled out under the bottom rope and Orton came after him. Christian grabbed him and dropped down getting him with a hangman.

While Orton was crawling in the ring Christian climbed up and perched himself on the top turnbuckle. Christian flew off with a high cross body but it wasn’t enough to pick up the win. Christian got up and was looking to the peeps as he went to the other corner and climbed up once more. This time he stood on the second rope and came off with an upper cut. Christian crawled over to him and was on his knees as he clapped his hands together to rally the fans behind him. He got to his feet and was scouting Orton for the Killswitch, instead he got a power slam from Orton, but it still wasn’t enough for the win.

A frustrated Orton grabbed Christian and threw him shoulder first into the ring post. Christian went through the ropes and Orton grabbed him. He hung Christian on the ropes for his DDT but Christian quickly got his feet off the ropes and shoved Orton down onto the second rope instead. He did a slingshot over the top rope to the floor and slapped Orton across the face. Orton staggered into the ring as Christian went up the ring steps and climbed the turnbuckle again. Christian went for the Frog Splash but Orton rolled out of the way.

He grabbed Christian again and put him into the ropes going for his DDT again. This time he got it. Christian was lying on the mat as the ref checked on him and Orton went to the corner. Orton dropped to the mat and did his posturing as Christian struggled to get to his feet. Orton went for the RKO and Christian reversed it into a back slide. Orton managed to kick out. They were both on their feet, Christian went for the Killswitch, and Orton countered shoving him into the corner. Christian went for the springboard and fell right into an RKO as Orton picked up the win.

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