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Christian vs. Sheamus
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Match Results: Christian vs. Sheamus

This Friday Night on Smackdown Christian was scheduled to take on fellow Elimination Chamber opponent Sheamus. Earlier in the night he was interviewed by Renee Young backstage. Renee asked Christian if he thought his new aggressive attitude would help him in the Elimination Chamber. He stated that the moment he came back from injury that he was desperate, he said the window of opportunity was closing for him to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He knew the last couple of weeks hadn’t gone exactly like he wanted them too. He also said to say he was in a bad mood was a sever understatement. He said he had to figure it out before the Elimination Chamber because Renee wasn’t going to do it for him, the people in the stands weren’t going to do it for him are the sloths at home, stuffing chips and hot dogs in their mouths going to do it for him? He’s got one more match and he’s got to do it himself. He said he was desperate and desperation makes him dangerous. Christian said he was going to win the Elimination Chamber, he was going to headline WrestleMania and be the WWE Heavyweight Champion if it was the last thing he ever does in the WWE.

Christian came to the ring with a look of determination on his face as he motioned that he was going to be champion. He made his way to the ring and readied himself to face Sheamus. Christian and Sheamus locked up and Sheamus backed him into the corner. The ref backed Sheamus off and Christian came out of the corner as Sheamus motioned for him to bring it. Christian circled around him before they locked up again. Sheamus backed him into the corner again and as the ref forced his way into break them apart. Sheamus trash talked a bit as Christian came out of the corner.

They went for the lock up again and this time Christian slipped past Sheamus. He grabbed him from behind before putting him in a side headlock. Sheamus took him into the ropes and pushed Christian off sending him into the ropes on the other side. Christian came off and ran into a shoulder block from Sheamus. Christian was quick to get out of his way and went over to the ropes. Christian slowly got to his feet again and circled around once more.

Christian once again slipped in behind Sheamus and grabbed him around the waist again. Sheamus forced Christian’s hands apart and hit him with an elbow before going to the ropes. He mowed Christian down with a shoulder block and Christian went to the ropes again partially going through them as the ref backed Sheamus off. After taking, a moment to compose himself Christian went back into the ring. They circled around once more and locked up. Christian broke the lock and went at Sheamus going behind him. When Sheamus turned to him Christian slapped him hard across the face three times.

This made Sheamus angry and rushed at Christian. He hit him with a knee to the mid section before hammering him across the back. He grabbed Christian by the back of the head and threw him into the corner. He gave him a few more shots before grabbing his wrist. He brought Christian out and threw him right back into the corner. He gave him another hit to the mid section before whipping him into the other corner. Sheamus caught him up in a fireman’s carry but Christian kicked his long legs and slid out of it.

When Sheamus turned around Christian was by the ropes and he dropped pulling the top one down sending Sheamus over the top. Christian then went for the baseball slid under the ropes but Sheamus side stepped it. Sheamus then grabbed Christian, scooping him up over his shoulder again. He started to carry him and Christian once slipped out. Christian went at Sheamus who lifted him up across his shoulders again. This time he hit him with a rolling fireman’s carry slam on the mats outside.

Back from commercial Sheamus has Christian down on the mat working his arm and shoulder. Christian fought to get back on his feet and made an opening, firing right hands into Sheamus’s mid section. Christian fired off another slap to the face and pulled Sheamus off the ropes to give him another one. Christian took a run at Sheamus who lifted him up but Christian went right over him dropping down behind him. Christian caught him with a drop toehold sending him into the second rope.

Christian did a slingshot to the outside and went for a slap but Sheamus grabbed his hand instead. He pulled Christian up onto the ring apron and turned him around attempted to perform the Beats of the Bodhran on him. Christian fought him off with elbow shots forcing him to let go as Christian slid down off the apron to safety. Sheamus followed Christian out of the ring and speared him into the ring barrier. Sheamus backed off and ran at Christian; however, he got to his feet and managed to lift Sheamus tossing him over the ring barrier.

Christian paused for a moment before deciding to go over and strip the padding from the ring barrier. He reached through the bars and grabbed Sheamus’s arm pulling him shoulder first into the steel barrier repeatedly. Christian went over and grabbed Sheamus, rolling him back into the ring. Christian looked out at the crowd before lifting himself up onto the top turnbuckle and waited for Sheamus to get to his feet before jumping off with a missile drop kick. Christian went for a cover but wasn’t able to pick it up.

Sheamus tried to get up but he grabbed him and pinned his wrist under his foot before stomping on his shoulder with the other foot. Christian dragged Sheamus over to the ring ropes and as he hung onto the bottom rope, he stomped on his arm again. The ref backed Christian off as he checked on Sheamus. Christian slid out of the ring and took another shot at Sheamus’s shoulder before going into the ring after him.

Christian followed him into the corner and hooked his arm over the rope pulling on it trying to inflict further damage on his arm and shoulder. The ref backed Christian off and he motioned to his waist and the championship belt he hopes to win. Christian went back into the corner after Sheamus and he fired back with a shot to Christian’s mid section. Sheamus fought his way out of the corner but Christian struck back hammering on his shoulder once again. Christian kept attacking Sheamus’s shoulder, bending it back, stomping it, and jumping on it, doing whatever he could to inflict more damage. He bent his arm behind his head and applied pressure as Sheamus cried out in pain. He took him to the mat keeping the pressure on him.

Christian got up and drove head butts into Sheamus’s shoulder repeatedly. He went for the cover but Sheamus kicked out. Christian went right back after Sheamus’s shoulder. Sheamus fought to his feet and broke free catching Christian in the mid section. Sheamus followed up with a right hand but Christian got in another slap to the face. Sheamus fired back with a forearm before shoving him into the ropes. Sheamus dropped his head and Christian kicked him hard. Christian grabbed him and tried to turn him over for the Killswitch. Christian turned it over but Sheamus managed to slip out. He flipped Christian over and he landed behind him. Christian caught him with a jaw-rattling slap across the face. Both men were tired but Sheamus managed to come back with another forearm shot to Christian, Christian hit another slap and Sheamus came back with another forearm as both struggled to stay on their feet. Christian staggered into the corner and when Sheamus followed him he nailed him with an elbow shot.

Christian went through the ropes and climbed up from the outside. Before Christian could execute his next move, Sheamus went over and grabbed him by the head. He threw him off the ropes across the ring where he landed hard. Sheamus was kneeling in the corner holding his injured arm as Christian pounded on the mat. Both men got to their feet slowly but Sheamus fired back first knocking Christian to the mat. When Christian got to his feet he caught a clothesline. Christian went for a clothesline but Sheamus ducked it.

Sheamus grabbed Christian by the head and threw him into the corner. He rammed his shoulder into him before going to the ropes. He hit Christian with a hard knee lifter causing him to fall against the ropes but bounce right into Sheamus’s waiting arms. He slammed him to the ring and went for the cover but Christian kicked out. Christian was in the corner and got to his feet as Sheamus got up as well.

Sheamus came at him and Christian lifted his feet hitting him in the face. Christian lifted himself up onto the top turnbuckle and hit a Tornado DDT focusing on Sheamus’s injured arm. Christian went for another cover but Sheamus kicked out. Christian went to the ropes and landed on the floor. This time he slapped Sheamus across the face. He got up on the apron and was going to go for the revered hangman but Sheamus managed to turn around. This time Sheamus managed to grab Christian and do the Beats of the Bodhran.

He picked Christian up in a fireman’s carry but before he could follow through Christian fought back with elbows trying to get out of it. Christian dropped down and grabbed Sheamus throwing him into the corner ring post. Christian grabbed him for a schoolboy roll up but Sheamus kicked out. Christian went back to the turnbuckle for another Tornado DDT but Sheamus reversed it and nailed him with the Irish Curse three times!

Sheamus fought to get to his feet as Christian lay on the mat. Sheamus went to the corner and looked to the crowd. They cheered him on as he pounded his chest and readied for the Brogue Kick but Christian saw him and slid out of the ring. Christian singled no way as he walked around the ring and Sheamus slid out after him. Christian got back into the ring and Sheamus followed him. Christian went to the ropes and went to spear Sheamus through the ropes but Sheamus moved and hit him with a running knee lift. Sheamus climbed up on the turnbuckle this time but Christian tossed him off the ropes. Christian went up hit him with a diving upper cut. Christian clapped his hands together as he scouted out Sheamus for the Killswitch again and the Peeps did join in.

Sheamus got to feet and picked Christian up on his shoulders once more this time he hit Christian with White Noise. Sheamus went for the cover and picked up the win though it was a hard fought battle for Christian. Christian didn’t take it laying down as he attacked Sheamus as Smackdown went off the air.

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