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Christian vs. Sheamus
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Christian faced the Celtic Warrior Sheamus once more on Monday Night Raw. Christian made his way to the ring first looking confident followed by Sheamus. Christian got out of the ring and was walking around the outside as Sheamus played to the crowd. Christian got into the ring and they circled each other but instead of locking up Christian had a few words for Sheamus. They had a brief exchange before Christian slapped him across the face twice. This only served to piss Sheamus off as he chased Christian from the ring.

Christian slipped out of the ring as Sheamus chased him and tried to slid back in the other side. He wasn’t quiet quick enough as Sheamus grabbed his ankle and pulled him back out. Christian fell into the ring barrier and Sheamus grabbed him by the back of the head. Sheamus threw him into the ring barrier before giving him a forearm to the chin sending him backwards against the ring apron. Sheamus grabbed him again throwing him into the ring barrier again. Sheamus picked him up and tossed him back to the ring.

Christian crawled across the ring to the ropes where Sheamus stood on his ankle before stomping on it and then put his foot on against Christian’s throat before the ref backed him off. Sheamus grabbed Christian up again, scooping him up and body slamming him to the mat. Sheamus went to the ropes and dropped a knee on Christian. He went for the pin but Christian kicked out. Both men got to their feet and Sheamus took Christian into the ropes. Christian reversed the whip sending Sheamus into the ropes he hit him with a knee to the mid section flipping Sheamus over. Sheamus was hanging on the ropes as Christian went after him.

Christian kicked Sheamus and then stomped him down into the corner before standing on his chest. The ref backed Christian off as he slapped his chest and looked out at the crowd. He raised his hands as the crowd booed him. Christian pulled Sheamus out of the corner and slapped him across the face making him stagger into the corner. As Christian went after him, Sheamus kicked him in the mid section and then came out of the corner hammering him across the back. He grabbed Christian and gave him a short clothesline. When Sheamus came back at him Christian got him with a shot to the mid section as he got to his feet. He slapped Sheamus in the face again before going to the ropes.

Christian went for a clothesline and Sheamus caught him lifting up and hitting him with the Irish Curse back breaker. Sheamus went for the cover but Christian kicked out again. They got to their feet again as Sheamus took him into the ropes again. Sheamus set Christian up for an Irish Whip and which he reversed. When Christian dropped his head Sheamus kicked him. Christian went to the ropes and when Sheamus ran at him he caught him and dumped him out of the ring. Christian then went to the ropes and hit Sheamus with a baseball slid through the ropes.

Christian went for a sling shot over the ropes but Sheamus side stepped him causing him to crash to the mat. Sheamus grabbed Christian by the back of the head and threw him into the ring steps. He followed Christian as he tried to walk away and grabbed him, hitting him with an upper cut. He picked Christian up in a fireman’s carry but before he could do anything Christian slipped out of his grasp. Christian ran behind the announce table trying to stay out of Sheamus’s reach as they went to commercial. Sheamus stayed in control for most of the break but Christian finally got the upper hand as the action went back into the ring.

Back from commercial Christian went to the corner and got up on the turnbuckles but before he could execute his next move Sheamus caught him pulling his legs out from under him and sending him to the mat. Sheamus went through the ropes and climbed up the turnbuckles from the outside but this time Christian was on his feet to stop him. Christian grabbed him but Sheamus drilled him with a right hand. It was enough to back Christian off but before he could follow through Christian walked over and shoved him off the top turnbuckle. Sheamus fell to the floor and rolled into the ring barrier.

The ref got out of the ring as Christian sat on the mat looking on. Christian slid out of the ring, went over, and stomped on Sheamus. He then pulled him to his feet and threw him over the ring barrier where the timekeeper was sitting. Christian had a wicked smile on his face as he grabbed Sheamus and dragged him back towards the ring. Christian rolled him back into the ring and went for the cover but Sheamus kicked out. Christian then used head butts to Sheamus’s shoulder and stayed on him as he rolled to the ropes. He jumped up stomping on repeatedly and standing on it before the ref pulled him off.

Sheamus got to his feet outside the ring ropes and when he did Christian clotheslined him. He fell onto the ring apron and Christian dragged him into the ring. Christian taunted the crowd as he motioned to Sheamus lying on the mat. Christian put his foot on Sheamus’s head as the crowd booed him and the ref gave him a warning. Christian rolled Sheamus onto his back and went for the cover but Sheamus kicked out. Christian went after him but Sheamus fought back firing right hands into his mid section as he got to his feet. Christian ducked him as he took a swing and dropped behind him. He grabbed Sheamus and slammed him to the mat.

Christian pointed up signaling he was going up on the ropes as the crowd booed him. As he climbed up he put his hand to his ear which only brought him more boos. He perched himself up on the top turnbuckle. He went for the Frog Splash but Sheamus rolled out of the way. Both men were struggling to get to their feet as the ref counted. Christian grabbed Sheamus who shoved him hard into the corner. When he went after Christian, he hit him with a back kick. Christian went for the springboard but Sheamus caught him in mid air and got him with the rolling fireman’s carry slam.

Again both men were slow to their feet and Christian fired back first with a right hand. Sheamus however blocked him and fired back with right hands of his own and then knocked him hard to the mat. Christian got right back up and ducked a clothesline before going to the corner. Sheamus gave him a shoulder to the mid section and then tried to catch him with a running knee as Christian stumbled into the center of the ring but the Captain sidestepped it. Christian went on the attack and Sheamus stepped out of his way, grabbing Christian and throwing him over the ropes.

Christian landed on the ring apron and Sheamus tried to grab him to do the Beats of the Bodhran but Christian fought out of it, using elbows to the face to break free. Christian grabbed Sheamus and took him into the corner, slamming him into the turnbuckle. Christian climbed the turnbuckles again and jumped off only to have Sheamus catch him in mid air. Sheamus dropped him across the top rope hard and this time Sheamus was able to complete the Beats of the Bodhran. Sheamus followed it up with a high knee knocking Christian back into the ring.

Christian was dazed in the ring as Sheamus came in and hit him with a high knee again. Sheamus went for the pin again but once again, Christian was able to kick out. Christian was on his knees seemingly pleading with Sheamus to stop but when Sheamus came at him again he grabbed him and shoved him into the corner before getting to his feet. He went for a clothesline but Sheamus blocked it catching his arm. Sheamus took a swing at Christian but he ducked it and planted him with an inverted falling DDT. Christian quickly got out of the ring and climbed up the turnbuckles. He went for another Frog Splash and this time nailed it though it wasn’t enough to pick up the win.

Christian got to his feet as Sheamus was on the ropes and he did a slingshot over going for another slap to the face but Sheamus caught his arm stopping him. He pulled Christian up and then picked him up across his shoulders and carried him into the ring as he delivered White Noise. It still wasn’t enough to keep Christian down either. The ref started counting as both men were down but then Sheamus grabbed Christian by the head as they got to their feet. Christian drove his head into Sheamus’s stomach and crawled through his legs going to the corner.

When Sheamus ran after him Christian slipped through the ropes and caught Sheamus with a pendulum kick. Sheamus fell onto the ring apron as Christian got back into the ring. Christian went for a clothesline over the ropes and Sheamus ducked it. As Christian came back he walked right into a Brogue kick that knocked him down to the mat. This time it was enough to pick up the win but Christian would not go down easily.

Backstage Renee Young was interviewing Sheamus when Christian attacked him. He beat Sheamus doing asking him if he thought he was better than him and told him he had been warned not to underestimate him. He then hit him with a light fixture he continued to yell at Sheamus until the refs pulled him away. It was clear that as far as the Captain was concerned it was far from over.

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