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Christian vs. Daniel Byran
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Match Results: Christian vs. Daniel Bryan

Raw kicked off with John Cena in the ring talking about Elimination Chamber. Very quickly, the other competitors came out including Captain Charisma Christian. Christian made a point of telling Sheamus he should have saved his Brogue Kick for Ambrose but he wasn’t mad at him, he understood it was an accident. He went on to say that on Sunday he was going to plant Sheamus’s snaggle tooth into the mat with a Killswitch and that wasn’t going to be an accident. As he joined the others in the ring as Randy Orton came to the ring. He made comments about each man and acknowledge that some of his greatest matches had been against Christian but that he had also won them all. Daniel Bryan was the last man to come out to a huge crowd reaction. He said it wasn’t about the “face of the company”, “the Champ is here,” “We the People”, “Fella” or “One More Match” the crowd would all be chanting “YES!”

Just then, Kane came to the ring and he decided that since Orton had a match all the other competitors should as well. He booked John Cena vs. Cesaro for later that night and said that Christian vs. Daniel Bryan would be kicking off the show. While they were showing the other matches for the card that night, the other wrestlers cleared the ring. They went back to the ring to show Bryan begging Kane to stay in the ring and fight him. As Kane went to step, into the ring Christian took advantage of the opening and attacked Daniel from behind. The crowd instantly booed him as he grabbed Daniel up and tossed him through the ropes to the floor outside. Christian followed him right out and brought him to his feet before slapping him across the face.

Christian grabbed Daniel again and threw him hard against the ring barrier. He did it again before grabbing him by the hair and drilling him with a right hand. Christian stayed on him hammering him across the back, driving Daniel to his knees He kicked and stomped on Daniel before putting his boot on his head and pressing down. Christian grabbed Daniel again and this time through him into the ring steps before removing his shirt. They then cut to commercial as the action continued on the WWE App. As the doctor and the ref checked on Daniel, Christian got into the ring and asked for a microphone.

“No, no, no, no, not tonight,” he said to the YES chants, “Daniel Bryan will not be the face of the WWE. Hey, I can say for sure that I don’t want a garden gnome being the face of the WWE, do you?” the crowd booed him, “I’ve been at this a long time, I’ve paid my dues. I deserve to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!” The audio was drowned out but the replay but Christian made it clear he was going to beat Daniel Bryan in front of all the people there that night, “I’m going to prove what I said before this is the most dangerous Christian you’ve ever seen in your life!”

Back from commercial, they show Daniel in the ring as the ref confirms he wants to continue with the match. The bell finally rings as Christian and Daniel start the match. With his shoulder, compromised Daniel uses his legs, kicking at Christian and trying to weaken his knees. Christian however is quick to get Daniel’s arm in an arm bar as he continues to try to inflict damage on his shoulder. Christian did an arm ringer on it and yanked on it driving Daniel to the mat as he kept the pressure on him.

Daniel pushed him back into the ropes and whipped Christian across the ring. He dropped to the mat as Christian passed over him and Christian caught a hard knee to the mid section flipping him over as he came off the ropes again. Christian got to his feet and Daniel hit him with four forearms driving Christian back before he fell through the ropes to the outside. Daniel went to the ropes and ran at Christian who countered by slapping him across the face hard. Christian got back into the ring and stomped on Daniel before grabbing his left arm again. He got him to his feet and did an arm ringer on him once more before yanking hard and sending him into the mat. Christian went to the mat, twisting and bending Daniel’s all ready injured arm to keep him from making any kind of rally. Christian stayed on the arm as Daniel fought to his feet and took him into the ropes.

He sent Christian across the ring and when he came off he hit Daniel with a hard shoulder block sending him to the mat again. Christian tried for the cover but Daniel kicked out. Daniel made his way over to the ropes and Christian went after him. He stepped through the ropes to the ring apron and grabbed Daniel’s arm again. He snapped his arm over the top rope before quickly going back in. He stomped on Daniel and then mocked his “Yes!” chant as the crowd booed him. He stepped on Daniels hand with one hand and stomped on his shoulder with the other as the crowd booed him.

Christian held Daniels hand behind his back as he picked him up and body slammed him to the mat. Christian then got on the mat behind him, twisting his arm behind his back and applying more pressure to it causing Daniel more pain and injury. Daniel fought his way to his feet and used his elbow to hit Christian in the face in an attempt to break the hold. Daniel broke free and went to the ropes but Christian took him out with a elbow of his own dropping him to the mat once more. Christian went for another cover and when he couldn’t get it he straddled Daniel and pummeled him with right hands to the face before trapping his left arm and driving right hands right into his shoulder.

Daniel used his legs then to catch Christian off guard and try to get him into a half crab but Christian used his body to roll through the hold and kick forcing him to release the hold. Christian walked over and grabbed Daniel by the hair before slamming him into the turnbuckle. He then twisted Daniel’s arm around the rope and pulled on it. Christian let him go when the ref warned him off and then climbed up sitting on the top turnbuckle. He put his hand up as if he was listening for the crowd before grabbing Daniel. He did a Tornado DDT like move making sure all the damage focused onto Daniel’s left arm. He once again went for the pin but Daniel kicked out.

Christian once again kept Daniel on the mat and used his knee to trap his injured arm. Christian then got up and delivered numerous heat butts to the shoulder area as the crowd tried to cheer Daniel on. Christian got to his feet and motioned to his waist yelling, “I should be the Champ!” as the crowd booed him. Christian walked over and grabbed Daniel by the hair before slapping him across the face. He turned to face the crowd and some cheered him, some booed before he ran at Daniel. Daniel side stepped him and grabbed Christian tossing him over the top rope to the floor outside. He then ran to the ropes and flew through hitting Christian and sending them both to the mat as they went to break.

As the action continued on the WWE App both Daniel and Christian were still on the outside as the ref got closer to ten. Both men got in the ring just in time to beat the count. Christian got to his feet first and walked over to Daniel grabbing him by the hair once more. This time however Daniel came alive kicking at Christian’s left leg and driving him back. Christian quickly grabbed him and turned him into the corner unloading with right hands and slaps as the crowd cheered for Daniel. Daniel slumped into the corner and Christian put his boot to his throat and had to be pulled off by the ref. Christian went back and pulled Daniel out of the corner before taking him over and laying him under the bottom rope. The crowd started chanting, “Christian sucks!” as he looked out at them. He was standing on Daniel’s arm before he jumped up and stomped on it.

Christian taunted the crowd again bringing more boos before he stomped on Daniel’s arm again. Christian got out of the ring and slammed Daniel’s arm against the ring apron. Christian slapped his chest as he looked at the crowd and it was a mixed reaction of cheers and boos. Christian got up on the top turnbuckle for a move but Daniel was still in the far corner so he got back down and went over to him. He grabbed him by the hair and pulled him out into the ring before kicking him in the shoulder. He did it again before twisting his arm and putting him into an arm ringer driving him to the mat once more. Christian kept the pressure on as they got back to their feet and then Daniel fired back with a kick to his leg. He hit him with an upper cut before going after his legs again.

He sent Christian into the ropes but when he went for the drop kick Christian used the ropes to stop himself. Christian went for another cover but Daniel was once again able to kick out. Christian went right back to work on the left arm as the crowd cheered Daniel on. He got back to his feet and fired back with right hands trying to create a gap between him and Christian. They exchanged shots before Daniel went into the corner. Christian went after him and whipped him across the ring. Daniel went into the corner and ran up the turnbuckles flipping over Christian.

Daniel quickly went to the ropes and ducked Christian’s clothesline as he came off. Daniel caught him however as he came off the ropes again. The crowd started the “Yes!” chant as Daniel got to his feet and unloaded with a serious of kicks on Christian. It was not enough to pick up the win over Christian. Daniel went to the ropes and jumped off but Christian brought his legs up blocking the move. He went for the cover and Daniel was able to kick out as well. Christian was back on his feet and took Daniel into the corner again, wrapping his arm around the rope. The ref backed him off and Christian went to work with right hands working Daniel over in the corner. He slapped Daniel across the face before backing off once more.

The crowd was cheering for Daniel and a frustrated Christian ran into the corner. Daniel sidestepped him causing him to run into the turnbuckles. Daniel once again went after Christian with kicks to the legs. He ran into the corner and caught Christian with a drop kick but when he went back the second time Christian brought his legs up blocking it. Christian got up on the turnbuckle and caught Daniel with a flying upper cut before clapping his hands together looking for the Killswitch. The Peeps back their Captain joining in as he scouted Daniel.

He spun him around but Daniel quickly countered trying to lock in the Yes lock but his shoulder was too damaged to lock his hands tight. Christian rolled out of it and Daniel went for a kick, which he ducked. Christian then shoved him into the corner. His shoulder his and as he staggered out Christian grabbed him and tried to put him over for the Killswitch. Instead Daniel turned it over and jumped up, hooking Christian under his armpits with his feet and rolled him up for the 1, 2, 3!

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