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Christian & Sheamus vs. The All Americans
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Match Results: Christian & Sheamus vs. The All Americans

Christian teamed up with Sheamus on Monday Night Raw to take on the All Americans. Christian went to the ring first and they showed a promo that he had cut earlier in the day about being the “face” of the company. *Note: Christian’s black eye was the result of a stiff shot that he received working a house show over the weekend.*

Sheamus then joined him in the ring. The All Americans came to the ring next with Zeb cutting down Christian and Sheamus for being foreigners and saying they snuck back into the country. *Note: Christian is in fact a US Citizen and actually holds dual citizenship for the US and Canada. In addition, his father is American.*

The match finally got under way with Christian kicking off the match against Cesaro. The two men went for the lock up and Christian slipped around grabbing Cesaro around the waist from behind. Cesaro reversed it grabbing Christian from behind. Christian tried to break the hold but Cesaro picked him up and took him to the mat. He moved around Christian before grabbing him around the waist again and stood up delivering a delayed gut wrench suplex. He grabbed Christian by the head pulling him to his feet before tagging in Swagger. They double-teamed him sending him into the ropes however, Christian ducked the double clothesline. He came off the ropes and nailed Cesaro before going into the corner.

Swagger ran in after Christian as he moved out of the way and went for a schoolboy roll up but Swagger kicked out. Both men got to their feet and Christian slapped Swagger across the face. Christian went to the ropes and Swagger caught him in a bear hug before lifting him up. Christian used his momentum to slide down the back of Swagger and tried for a roll up again. He couldn’t pull Swagger over and instead Swagger reached down and grabbed him by the head pulling him to his feet. Swagger threw Christian into the corner and when he went in after him and Christian slipped through the ropes hitting him with a Pendulum kick.

Christian moved quickly climbing up in the corner and coming off the ropes with a missile drop kick. Christian went for the pin but Swagger kicked out. Christian got to his feet and tagged in Sheamus. Sheamus took over in the ring taking it hard to Swagger. Swagger soon got the upper hand before tagging Cesaro into the match as Christian cheered on his partner. Sheamus went over and tagged in Christian how climbed to the top turnbuckle and jumped off with blow to Cesaro’s arm. He gave him an arm wringer and yanked on it hard before tagging Sheamus back into the match. Christian held Cesaro so Sheamus could get a shot in before stepping out of the ring again.

Cesaro stayed in control of Sheamus through the commercial break the action was fast and furious. Christian was pounding on the turnbuckle to encourage Sheamus as he waited for a tag. Sheamus went over and made the tag to Christian. Christian took it right to Cesaro with right hands. He set him up for an Irish Whip into the corner but Cesaro reversed it. Christian went in chest first but was able to get Cesaro with a back kick before jumping up and hitting a corner springboard sunset flip. Cesaro managed to roll through however. Christian was quickly on his feet and slapped Cesaro across the face.

Christian did a slingshot out of the ring and took another hard slap to the face. Christian was quickly back in the ring and lifted himself up onto the turnbuckle. He drilled Cesaro with an upper cut before scouting him for the Killswitch. He clapped his hands together and was ready to go when Swagger distracted him on the ring apron. Cesaro tried to take advantage but Christian ducked him and dropped behind him He went for the Killswitch but Cesaro slipped out and lifted him up, Christian flipped over him and ran into the corner. He turned around and Cesaro threw him up in the air and hit him with a European Uppercut. Cesaro went for the pin but Christian still kicked out just in time. Cesaro tried again but he couldn’t get the pin on Christian.

Christian rolled over to the edge of the ring and Cesaro tagged Swagger in before stomping on Christian. Swagger was on the outside of the ring and repeatedly stomped on him as he lay under the ropes. Swagger finally got into the ring and grabbed Christian’s legs flipping him up into the bottom rope. Swagger tried for another pin but couldn’t keep Christian down. Swagger grabbed him in a front face lock. He rolled on the mat with Christian and he fought his way back to his feet. Christian fought back with right hands to the midsection. Swagger shoved him off into the ropes and when he dropped his head Christian caught him with a kick before slapping him across the face.

Christian fell to the mat and crawled towards his corner to try to make a tag. Swagger quickly grabbed Christian’s ankle and dragged him back to their corner. Swagger hit him with a Swagger Bomb as Cesaro tagged himself in. He went behind Swagger and jumped over him landing on Christian’s chest briefly before shouting into the camera. Cesaro went for the pin again but Christian still managed to kick out in time. Cesaro grabbed Christian by the head and pushed him into the corner as he sat on the mat. Cesaro stomped on Christian until the ref backed him off. Christian got to his feet and slapped Swagger across the face as he stood on the ring apron.

Christian ran towards Cesaro and was trying for a tag but, Cesaro caught him and slammed him to the mat. He then held onto his legs and did the Cesaro swing as the crowd counted along. He let go at ten and nearly threw Christian out of the ring. He did slide off the ring apron onto the floor and stayed there until nearly the count of ten. He just barely made it back into the ring. He rolled under the bottom rope and Cesaro tried to pin but Christian kicked out again. Cesaro was frustrated as he grabbed Christian’s ankle and dragged him as he tagged in Swagger.

He monkey flipped Christian right into Swagger’s waiting arms and he slammed him to the mat hard. Swagger went for the pin but he couldn’t keep Christian down either. Swagger got in the ref’s face but it was only a two count. Christian was in the corner using the ropes to get to his feet as Swagger tagged Cesaro in again. Cesaro ran across the ring and Swagger lifted him to throw him into Christian however, Christian got out of the corner quick. When Swagger came at him Christian grabbed him and lifted up tossing him from the ring. Christian finally managed to get back to his corner and tag Sheamus back into the match.

Sheamus cleaned house going after Swagger hard. Sheamus hit Swagger across the chest several times as the crowd counted along and when Cesaro tried to interfere, he got the same. Swagger jumped Sheamus from behind and went for the Patriot Lock. As he did Christian climbed up on the top turnbuckle. Swagger let go as Christian took him out with a high cross body and rolled to the edge of the ring apron. He quickly got to his feet and got Cesaro with a tornado DDT to the outside as Sheamus finished off Swagger with a Brogue kick picking up the win! As they announced the winners, Sheamus helped Christian back into the ring where they raised their hands in victory.

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