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Christian and Edge return to RAW to confront Seth Rollins. And they run into some old friends.
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Christian on Raw

 Posted by: RavenCage    Date: December 31st 2014    Categories: Gallery Additions, Media Additions, RAW Results
 Posted by: RavenCage    Date: March 25th 2014    Categories: Gallery Additions, Media Additions, RAW Results

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Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto DelRio vs. Sheamus
#1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship
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Fatal Four Way Match:

Last night on Monday Night Raw Christian joined in a Fatal Four Way Match to determine the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. He stepped into the ring against other former World Heavyweight Champions, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, and Alberto DelRio. As soon as the bell rang, Sheamus went right after Christian who quickly exited the ring. Sheamus caught up to him and beat him down along the ring barrier as DelRio and Ziggler fought inside the ring. Sheamus grabbed Christian by the hair and pulled him to his feet before throwing him into the ring barrier near the timekeeper. Sheamus left Christian and joined DelRio in the ring before it was just Sheamus and Ziggler.

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 Posted by: RavenCage    Date: March 18th 2014    Categories: Gallery Additions, Media Additions, RAW Results
 Posted by: RavenCage    Date: March 11th 2014    Categories: Gallery Additions, Media Additions, RAW Results

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Christian vs. Sheamus
Memphis Street Fight
WWE Backstage Pass
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Christian vs. Sheamus:


It is a fact well-known that underestimating Christian often leads to disaster. Still, Captain Charisma ran against a red-headed wall for the second week in a row when he battled Sheamus in a WWE App-determined Memphis Street Fight on Raw. Despite the brawling Irishman’s aptitude in an anything-goes environment, Christian certainly held his own … that is, after a rough start where Sheamus mashed his face into the steel steps.

Despite that iffy beginning, Christian rallied by playing a country tune on the Irishman with a Kendo stick that left his back tattooed with welts, but Sheamus changed that tune fast with some swings of his own from the stick and his “Ten Beats of the Bodhrán” chest clubs. Even though a frog splash atop a chair-covered Sheamus nearly won Christian the match, he found himself beat in multiple senses of the word thanks to a Brogue Kick through a would-be weaponized bass drum. Hardly an easy victory for The Celtic Warrior. *Don’t expect the Captain to give up easily.* – RavenMW

 Posted by: RavenCage    Date: March 4th 2014    Categories: Gallery Additions, Media Additions, RAW Results

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Christian vs. Sheamus
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Christian faced the Celtic Warrior Sheamus once more on Monday Night Raw. Christian made his way to the ring first looking confident followed by Sheamus. Christian got out of the ring and was walking around the outside as Sheamus played to the crowd. Christian got into the ring and they circled each other but instead of locking up Christian had a few words for Sheamus. They had a brief exchange before Christian slapped him across the face twice. This only served to piss Sheamus off as he chased Christian from the ring.

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